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αυως (aurora)

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in Compositions | 0 comments
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my very first orchestral piece, written in 1986, winner of the Zagreb Biennale, Composer Competition.

Zagreb Biennale, April 1987 • Croatian Radio-Television Orchestra, Jean Perisson conductor

Unfortunately, as finding orchestras committed to new works has become more and more difficult, after this piece (which btw I was lucky enough to have performed at that time) I wrote only a few  large orchestral works.

A nice review published on Paris’ Le Monde:

…et surtout un Italien de vingt-sept ans, Giorgio Magnanensi, dont la partition d’un pointillisme léger aux transformations de timbre incessantes dans l’infiniment petit révèle une étonnante richesse d’écriture et produit une impression de rêve lointain, de légende intérieure, poudroyante à l’infini.

(Jacques Lonchampt, Le Monde • April 18, 1987)


mp3 [Download]


guido reni Aurora




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