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Posted on Aug 5, 2012 in Events | 0 comments

…today, August 5th,  2012

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a random website for “52”….

…and a nice reading :

[…] I believe the great era of academic specialization and value-free experiment is coming to an end. The demarcation between professional fields is being absorbed by a new understanding of the omnipresent relevance and intimate connection of all fields to each other. Integrated organization and quantum entanglement are now understood as the underlying structures of the universe. We need to change our basic one-dimensional linear models to something more dynamic, branched, and multidimensional—something that is more in harmony with the interconnected nature of the real world. In Zen there is an old saying that expresses this: “When you pick up one piece of dust, the entire world comes with it.” Suzi Gablik

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