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Posted on Aug 2, 2013 in Events | 0 comments
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chopin detail


This is the best picture I could find in a random image search for “53”

…also a very nice piece by Chopin:

Frederic Chopin – Polonaise Heroic op.53 (1842)

Maurizio Pollini, 1975

And here another great op. 53:

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonate op. 53 Waldstein (1804) again performed by the great Maurizio Pollini in 1974


I’m 53 on Aug 5th. An odd number in any sense,

not so much to it really, maybe just the opportunity

to start thinking about late years, the “style” of late years… (?)

What does it means though, how does it play out?

The world will be still unreconciled, like in the late years

of Beethoven, when he refused to reconcile into a single image

what is not reconciled – Ode an die Freude […]

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