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A çimma

Posted on Aug 5, 2010 in Events | 0 comments
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A çimma, by Genova’s singer songwriter Fabrizio De André

I am 50 today: a remix (very simple indeed) of a beautiful song in the old Genovese language. It always sounded like Portuguese to me, beautiful.


mp3 [Download]






Ti t’adesciàe ‘nsce l’èndegu du matin ch’à luxe a l’à ‘n pè ‘n tera e l’àtru in mà

Ti sveglierai sull’indaco del mattino quando la luce ha un piede in terra e l’ altro in mare

You’ll wake up in the indaco of the dawn when the light has a foot on the ground and the other in the sea



Cè serèn tèra scùa carne tènia nu fàte nèigra

Cielo sereno terra scura carne tenera non diventare nera

Clear sky dark earth tender flesh don’t become black

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