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Born and raised in Italy, Giorgio Magnanensi currently lives in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  His diverse artistic practice includes composition, conducting, improvisation, circuit bending, video art and sonic and spatial explorations. He is artistic director of Vancouver New Music and Laboratorio, and lecturer at the School of Music of the Vancouver Community College.

From the early 80’s to date I have been working as a composer, conductor, educator, artistic director, and performer in Europe, Japan and Canada. My views have developed gradually to my current belief that in today’s world of music, cultural studies and research, the most vital ideas and resources travel through many different channels. This has led me to work with a wide variety of musicians, artists, performers and researchers, local, national and international organizations and to test through technology, interactivity, free creative improvisation and conduction the possibilities of a varied approach to sound composition, performance and pedagogy. Through my work I want to emphasize the value of difference, communication and active participation in the creative process as a path towards a deeper availability to the dialogue and the encounter. The process is a generative one that leads towards the foundation of a meaningful social function of the musician composer in contemporary society while fostering higher level of knowledge transference. This process shows that art is a potentiality in a continuous becoming and that it takes form through the individual identity of each person existing as a manifestation of our multiplicity, we, existing as personæ – from the Latin word per sonum: “that through which sound can resonate”, according to our ability to regain the qualities of curiosity, interest and commitment, and experience them in communication, mutual exchange and caring.




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