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after pendulum

Posted on Aug 7, 2010 in motion rmx | 0 comments
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Original song by Andrew Brooks saxophone, with Berish Bilander piano/nord, Nick Abbey bass and Hugh Harvey drums with the instrumental score of After the gold rush from Neil Remix

peggy lee – cello

jesse zubot  – violin

christie reside – flute

ak coope – clarinet

joanna schultz – french horn

shaun brodie – trumpet

jeremy berkman – trombone

barry mirochnick and skye brooks – sharing drum and percussion

sal ferreras – vibes/marimba, glockenspiel and bass drum

steve wright – guitar

martin walton – electric bass

patsy klein – vocals

veda hille – voice and piano


mp3 [Download]




This track well represents the idea of a work that aspires to be speechless, without the urgency of communicating anything. If it expresses anything at all, that is pure character, essence more than intentionality. It manifests potential energy more than activity, relying on its own bare existence.

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