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ansia rumore sogno • for Chris

Posted on Apr 21, 2021 in Audio , Video | 0 comments
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Noise is the alter ego, Ianus Bifrons.

The philosopher’s stone:

a golden stone is still a stone.

This work is a short ode to things I hold dear in my life: our beautiful planet, friendship, love and imagination. Musical communication only exists on a purely emotional level. Emotionality is immanent; expression is definitely linked to the instant, instant is unpredictably transcendent.

Dedicated to my dearest friend Chris Rolfe

* * * * *

For/with pebbles and driftwood, Sitka Spruce resonators, plate reverb, touch boards (plywood, Douglas Fir bark & Sitka Spruce), blippoo box, Max/MSP & capacitance sensors.

Presented at Earth Day Art Model 2021


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