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armonie fluide e sgangherate

Posted on Nov 12, 2022 in Audio , Video | 0 comments
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…another example of not resisting the instrument, starting from a precarious state of balance. I deeply enjoy the raw simplicity of these oscillators, and their involuntary presence. There is always something beautiful in not wanting. If I think about sound as being-outside-oneself I breathe an intensity I can hardly find in any desire or “wanting”, a new kind of ‘interiority’, a displaced and upside down intimacy… I believe that’s about the inability to talk about the things we wish we could tell but we can’t really express; things we “try to express”, “communicate”, or project in a sentimental way, when sentimentality doesn’t really represent the inexplicable and it’s just a faint illusory form of it, …a heroic failure.

“Against the logic that sees musical instruments as a direct channel for our musical thoughts, seamless media that materialise our imagination, the critical analytics of musical instruments reveals them as epistemic objects with agency; as technologies that are not supposed to merely channel but to also to converse, resist, challenge, surprise, and reject their performer.”

excerpt from: Thor Magnusson; Sonic Writing’



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