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Posted on Aug 13, 2017 in News, Oscilloscope fun, Video | 0 comments
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[…] fascism doesn’t take root on the margins of society,

but always emerges from within the existing status quo. […]

Alain Badiou, Metapolitics


… and it seems getting worse on a speedy pace: a fast and aggressive emergence of fascistic behaviours, role-modeled by a naked leader and his entourage. But also long engrained in our broken societies, too many around the world to be suddenly surprised of such larger malaise.

What to say? It also seems that communities should be reacting with convinced and massive response, as the threat is not a tiny one and not limited by geopolitical borders. It’s not unthinkable that US might quickly roll toward open and established authoritarianism. The exercise of democracy then becomes now an imperative to sustain in every single moment, as bending to fascism will only lead to catastrophe.



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