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aureolus • part I “Natura”

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in Compositions | 0 comments

inspired by one of the four treatises of Theophrastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus

The Book of Nymphs, Sylphs, Pygmies, and Salamanders

I.      Natura

II.     Ambiente

III.   Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni

Original Italian:


Translation below


Elena Casoli electric guitar, Alessandro Rossi voice, Giorgio Magnanensi text and live electronics

Progetto Musica 2000, Acquario Romano • Roma, November 9, 1994


mp3 [Download]

I. Nature


you are not able to understand…


the traveler… and he knows lots of things about the desert,

the golden sands and the salamanders’ goitre…


…a fairy tale… I almost forgot about it… mad becomes who in the early

noon woods’ shade sees a Nymph… a marvelous sight…


tell me, did you give them a name?


…Siringa Nymph of Arcadia… I passed near by them without seeing them…

drowned in the ash… I was floating in a dense vapor


all full of demons down there, isn’t it?


nocturnal gods, for sure!


yes, yes, the rotting of the mind filled with stockpiled time…

mythology… faith?


they are just work’s hypothesis!


yeah, listen to that one!…


a story… a series of stories makes up an entire life


…Siringa, Nymph of Arcadia…


to solve other enigmas…


suddenly the light detaches,


they become red at contact and the ashes challenge

the nights in stone’s burrow…


immense dark furnace,


fire, its permutations… first sea and of sea half earth…

death of fire at the helm of it all…


and so again


Cista stolidorum”, Custodia fatuorum


this cosmos… the same for everyone,

palpable, thick, is it thin?… impalpable…

…without soul…





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