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aureolus • part II “Ambiente”

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in Compositions | 0 comments

inspired by one of the four treatises of Theophrastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus

The Book of Nymphs, Sylphs, Pygmies, and Salamanders

I.      Natura

II.     Ambiente

III.   Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni

Original Italian:


Translation below


Elena Casoli electric guitar, Alessandro Rossi voice, Giorgio Magnanensi text and live electronics

Progetto Musica 2000, Acquario Romano • Roma, November 9, 1994


mp3 [Download]



II. Environment


I have still a story to tell you…

he is not greedy in showing his sleepy treasures!

some stones! …this city have always seemed

a desolate mass of stones…


maybe I have what you are looking for, sirs…

precious things…


like fire mixed to scents


I concentrate in my breathing… till I exhaust myself,

I shine my mirror, dark, I am comprehending, yes, yes,

I comprehend everything around me… and I retire my body…


maybe I have what you are looking for, sirs…


the sky remains absolutely pure… and immensity

invisibly shreds… the sky remains absolutely pure


yes, yes, tonight or never again…


you are funny, funny Aureolus!


how many of these witnesses can this great scholar

with acute glance see!?


strange trolls, Ammobates, Asterions, Penfredons, Kelidres,

Selsyrses, Marine Hares, Ceratus Caterpillars, Megalauns,

Bargis Swans, Ascolabes, Buprostes, Apimaosses, Tarantulas,

yes, yes, all in Hermis’ kingdom…


let’s bet they are not going to Bysantium!


yes, yes, I comprehend everything when the Opus is done…

the golden sand sparkles in the creek… try it yourself!


a life for the truth!


and to avoid it could resurface again it will be

covered with other memories, in the hall,

behind closed doors, piled up to removed entities


and such ideas where coming from the opinion in which we were

that the air and the world were all full of spirits: an incandescent

copper rain…this is the world of the imaginary entities, of Gnomes,

Sylphs and frail Salamanders”.




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