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aureolus • part III “Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni”

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in Compositions | 0 comments

inspired by one of the four treatises of Theophrastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus

The Book of Nymphs, Sylphs, Pygmies, and Salamanders

I.      Natura

II.     Ambiente

III.   Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni

III.   Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni

Original Italian:

Mescolamenti ed Apparizioni

Translation below


Elena Casoli electric guitar, Alessandro Rossi voice, Giorgio Magnanensi text and live electronics

Progetto Musica 2000, Acquario Romano • Roma, November 9, 1994


mp3 [Download]



III. Mixings and Apparitions


copper rain! this deformed and confused joy provokes the soul…

all full of demons…

the winners of the useless dreaming: Diogenes, Hermia,

Eutalius, Priscianus, Isidorus, conic sections… Simplicius,

Diophantus’ equations… vain presumptions…

curdled milk

it doesn’t show off, and for that reason it shines


toasted wheat

it doesn’t affirm itself, and for that reason manifest itself


sour honey

it doesn’t boast, and for that reason it succeeds


…and so, taking advantage from what it is, I use what it is not,

in truth, certainly and without any doubt…


the irony…

the contemplation, it is here, …it is my jump…


…the art of  balance, it guides myself only, hidden and nameless,

announcing monstrous beasts’ loves: coupling of green lizards with swans…

clamors, in which all the beasts scream with an unspeakable fear of eternity…

for myself only, it guides me to the evidence of each instant, of each thought…

slow, heavy, till the flame of the origin… to the invention of the code

slow, heavy, chronic, leaden… without thinking, in the fire’s stench…

catastrophe’s silence…


the purest fire…

…and the sea…the fire…

A  N  I  M  E

A  M  A  R O

C  U  O  R  E


a door! which will detach you from everything!



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