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Big Joy 2016

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Dec 2-3, 2016 at The Remington

108 E Hastings St


We are celebrating four years of Big Joy this December with another two days of talented artists from Vancouver and abroad! Our hope this year is to continue to present a broad spectrum of what Vancouver’s weirdo music scene has to offer, casting a wide net across many genres and styles. Check out the links, get stoked, buy tickets early and save!

Tickets available at Red Cat, Audiopile & Selectors’ Records mid November or online at starting November 1st.




FRIDAY DECEMBER 2nd – Doors 8pm
*Featuring Dj Pop Drones

– 12:15am – Chris Cogburn
Chris Cogburn (Austin / Mexico City), percussionist.
Current practices concentrate on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing tibral qualities and their sites of resonance (speaker/drum). Since 2003, Cogburn organizes an improvised music festival – No Idea Festival.

– 11:45pm – Holzkopf
Holzkopf is a Western Canadian musician active since 2001. They are a decidedly non-traditional musician, using tape recorders, budget samplers, raw data sounds and mixing board feedback to craft fast paced dub and gospel influenced rhythmic collages. For Big Joy they will do a special performance: a remix of 100 cassette tapes over the course of one performance.

– 11:00pm – Hick
Andrea Lukic is a Serbian born Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist, Her work focuses on surreal, fantastic, absurd, alchemical, and grotesque visions and sounds. Obsession with devils, angels, forbidden fruit, reporters, trials, and crimes, she creates surrogates of repressed memories to explore her inner space through cognitive forensics.


– 10:00pm – Gran am
Harsh drones, disembodied voices, oscillating feedback; using a collection of analogue devices, gran am creates improvised sound art that is motivated by themes of idealized femininity and normalized oppression.

– 9:30pm – phonal
phonal is a Vancouver-based listener and soundmaker exploring drones and complex repetition.

– 9:00pm – Today Is An Orange Day
Permutations of confined gestures used to ingest food are explored. Today is an Orange Day live-processes sounds of consumption as substances are processed in the human body. The word ‘leftovers’ is defined as physical remnants, but the food objects do not function as a means to an end in this sound performance; they are used purely as sound objects.


SATURDAY DEC 3rd – 6pm Doors (Early Show)
*Featuring Selectors’ Dj’s

– 12:30am – Gordon Ashworth
Gordon Ashworth (Portland) is an American experimental sound artist working with string instruments, field recordings and magnetic tape. Since 2002, he has released drone, harsh noise and folk music under the names Concern, Oscillating Innards and CAEN, and is a member of the black metal band Knelt Rote.

– 12:00am – Joda Clément and Mathieu Ruhlmann
Joda Clément and Mathieu Ruhlmann have worked together extensively since they met in 2013. Using analog and acoustic instruments, field recordings and microphones to amplify ‘objects’, their work together aims to provide a deeper perspective on hidden sounds that emerge as a result of the interaction of the musicians, audience and the listening environment.


– 11:00pm – Fresh Water Girls
Based in Winnipeg, MB Fresh Water Girls looks to create relevant sound works by mixing field recordings, tape loops, and physically produced sounds. While falling under the Musique Concrete label, Fresh Water Girls usually ends up on the harsher end of the spectrum.

– 10:00pm – Monadh
Monadh (Seattle) will be playing with some new works, consisting of field recordings and abstracted samples of a well loved American pop group…

– 9:30pm – ( – – )
– – is a new sound collaboration between Elisa Ferrari & John Brennan rooted in improvisation and minimalist performance. Using percussion, voice, tapes, books, zither and other objects, – – layer new and old forms, textures and timbres.


– 8:30pm – Sara Gold
Sara Gold has cultivated an audio/visual practice for over a decade. With a history of live performance and a recent move into recorded works, Sara can be found carving experimental techno out of her vintage analog instruments capabilities, transcending their limitations.

– 8:00pm – Kensington Gore
Kensington Gore is an analog-fueled audio synthesis bringing together chanting wolfmen, tender fawn and wild flora. We hope our music whispers to trees, buildings, rocky crags and the occasional person. Forthcoming longplayer on More Than Human Records.

– 7:30pm – Alexandra Spence
Alexandra Spence is an Australian sound artist & musician based in Vancouver. Alex is interested in the relationship between humans & their sonic environments. Her work favours subtlety, quietude & unusual sound sources, with performances including feedback, cassette tapes, field recordings, radio & clarinet. For Big Joy, she is fresh back from the Mmabolela reserve in South Africa, her set might just include the sound of a hippo snoring.

– 7:00pm – Midnight Owl
Midnight Owl’s performances draw from ambient, electro-acoustic, and field recording processes. Using re-purposed organ technology, cello, and electronics, they create textured sonic environments that suggest pulsing, energetic landscapes, both tranquil and yet frenetic.



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