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buffy rmx live

Posted on Sep 17, 2010 in Audio | 0 comments
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buffy rmx live

Vancouver East Cultural Centre, December 11, 2009

mp3  [Download]


check also this video

1. Summer Boy

2. Cod’ine

3. Now That the Buffalo’s Gone

4. Cripple Creek

5. Winter Boy

6. Little Wheel Spin and Spin


Veda Hille piano, voice

Becky Whitling violin

Peggy Lee cello

Mark McGregor flute

A.K. Coope clarinet & bass clarinet

Nick Anderson French horn

Shaun Brodie trumpet

Jeremy Berkman trombone

Ford Pier & Steve Wright guitars

Martin Walton bass

Skye Brooks & Barry Mirochnick drums

Sal Ferreras percussion

Patsy Klein backing vocals

Giorgio Magnanensi live electronics & conducting

Colin Stewart live recording






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