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california box, fourses tarp, blippoo & krohn-hite filters

Posted on Jan 9, 2022 in Audio , Video | 0 comments
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Playing and learning with new and older instruments.

This is for @inestancre @coryalder @jimblackmusic and for everyone who enjoy these raw experiments.

Though, listen NOT at full volume, as at times dynamics and frequencies are wild. I’m having fun, and I hope some of you might as well… aesthetics seems unnecessary these days.

I really like the Krohn-Hite filter, and I’m happy that the cleaning job worked well and the pots are now clean and smooth.

It’s kind of a very spartan unit, with very nice and simple functions, so it’ll be fun to get to know and play it better with some time. There seem to be so many possible ways and combinations to experiment and work with.

It would definitely benefit from spectrally rich sounds that would provide sculptural ideas for sonic movable shapes. If then we were to expand them in a full 360º audio field, then I will really need to stop playing and just bathing in sounds, for hours.

…lucid dreaming… blah blah….blah….


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