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duo pour bruno

Posted on Jul 23, 2011 in News | 0 comments
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re-listening again to one of Donatoni’s most beautiful orchestral work, Duo Pour Bruno.


A wonderful visionary work to mourn the losss and celebrate the wonderful music making of another great Italian composer, Bruno Maderna who – with Franco Donatoni – is waiting to be fully recognised in his genius.


“Radicalizing: listening is attention, not apprehension;

to listen is evidence of what happens as sound,

not knowledge of what happens with sound.

So: sound is the presence of an absolute,

his annunciation is its own revelation,

listening then it certainly is not the act by which

you come to a discursive apprehension,

but the moment at which perception mediates

and joins the multiplicity in the unity of formal knowledge.

Listening is immediate experience in which knowledge

coincides with the action: listening is ascesis.”  (Franco Donatoni)


And here is a well written article about Franco Donatoni by David C F Wright





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