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e kú ìrójú

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in News | 0 comments
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A-Musik and friends

¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! is a great songs of the Nueva Cancion Chilena movement. The music of the song was composed by Sergio Ortega and the text written by Quilapayún. Composed and recorded in June 1973 just three months before September 11, 1973. Another 9/11, when CIA acted and supported the Pinochet bloody coup that destroyed the Chilean dream and Salvador Allende’s together with the life of thousands of Chilean people, for a very long time.

Listen to this beautiful, crazy and intense instrumental rendition of this song in the wonderful first track of 1984 LP e kú ìrójú by  A-Musik and friends

mp3 [Download]





Backing Vocals – Djong-On Chon, Mineko Nakamura, Sanae Hara, Wataru Okuma, Yumi Katsuta

Bass – Tatsuro Koyama

Cello – Mamoru Yamamoto

Drums – Akihiro Ishiwatari, Yoshio Kuge

Engineer – Jun Sonohara, Katsumi Yanagida, Takafumi Sato

Flute – Kenichi Takeda

Guitar – Akihiro Ishiwatari

Harmonium – Kenichi Takeda

Koto – Kenichi Takeda

Organ – Tori Kudo

Organ [Moog] – Shuichi Chino

Percussion – Masahiro Minowa

Piano – Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tori Kudo

Saxophone – Hideo Tokioka, Masami Shinoda, Onion Kamagasaki

Synthesizer – Tori Kudo

Trombone – Masahiko Kono

Vocals – Ayuo Takahashi, Fumiko Takahashi, Kamura (2), Kenichi Takeda, Rorie Amanuma, Ryoko Miura

Vocals [Whispering] – John Duncan

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