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EGKL + gik

Posted on Jul 21, 2018 in Oscilloscope fun, Video | 0 comments
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for Kenton

watch these 2 clips separately, but try also watching them together from the start


made with CHDH EGREGORE SOURCE software


 Jacques Attali famously predicted this incipient era in music in 1977 in a classic

text hybridising theory, culture, and government policy, Noise: A Political

Economy of Music.  After three phases of Ritual Sacrifice  (Church music),

Représentation  (scores and stage performance), Répétition  (recorded media),

Attali forecasts a fourth phase called Composition,  where music becomes

process and recovers its ritual magic. chdh, with egregore,  have composed a

nonlinear, participative, networked instrument as a published release. By

transmitting their source code, the music is distributed as a Baudrillardian model,

ready to be rendered and re-composed by the beholder, finishing an unfinishable

process, closing the loop between representation, repetition, composition, and



– Final paragraph of  Open Models,  by Atau Tanaka, September 2014


and here a nostal//gik clip made with a jitter patch I use with Kenton sometime : )



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