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Posted on Jul 12, 2014 in News | 0 comments
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 It is very telling that the most credible comments on this recurrent massacres are found in these cartoons. And it is also very telling that the Arab League has not being discussing yet about all this, while just posturing with the usual anger, …distractions of socially mediated/google(y) eyed tribes. Maybe the revolution(s) have actually failed.


gaza 1

 cartoon by Jabertoon, an Israeli tank is shown being refuelled at a petrol pump marked “Arab silence


gaza 2


gaza 3Arab armies moving toward Gaza

gaza 4



gaza 5

I am an Arab and I support Germany,” says one man in a cartoon by Hamzeh Hajjaj. “I am an Arab and I support Brazil,” says another. But a third man, carrying a bloodstained child in his arms, says:

I am an Arab and I want the Arabs to wake up.”









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