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both hands

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 in Audio , Remix | 0 comments
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An arrangement of Both Hands by Ani DiFranco for the Queer Songbook Orchestra, performed live in Toronto last March.  


Both Hands [Download]


Both Hands

the Queer Songbook Orchestra


Sienna Dahlen: ­ Vocals
Jennifer Burford: ­ Violin
Evan Lamberton: ­ Cello
Lief Mosbaugh: ­ Oboe
Micajah Sturgess: ­ French Horn
Shaun Brodie: ­ Trumpet
Thom Gill: ­ Guitar
Bram Gielen: ­ Piano
Dan Fortin: ­ Double Bass
Stefan Schneider: ­ Drums



MARCH 28, 8PM & MARCH 29, 2PM

Companions For Your Closet


The Queer Songbook Orchestra (QSO) is a Toronto based 12-piece chamber ensemble, compiling and re-interpreting songs that have shaped the LGBTQ community. These concerts, the first in an ongoing series, will focus thematically on songs that are connected to the closet. Exploring and sharing those songs that individuals held close during their time spent in the closet, as well as acknowledging songwriters who lived in a time when they couldn’t openly express their sexualities. Each song has been arranged specifically for The Queer Songbook Orchestra by some of Canada’s top arrangers. All proceeds will be donated to The Rainbow Railroad.





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