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il Guadagnini [Download]


il gudagnini • sound sculpture (maple)

August 2-20, 2017 • 50 Canadian Things • Sunshine Coast Art Council – Sechelt, BC

This piece is dedicated to the memory of French Canadian violinist Jacques Israelievitch and it is inspired by “Violin”, one of the 50 short stories written by Jane Urquhart in her book A Number of Things.

Maple is a wonderful and brightly resonating wood often utilized for its sonic and mechanical quality in precious violins of XVIII Century’s master luthiers such as Giovanni Battista Guadagnini. Similarly to a transfigured violin soundboard, the maple audio resonator of this piece diffuses a continuous soundscape composed using a short excerpt of the Gigue from the Partita no. 3 in E Major BWV 1006 by Johan Sebastian Bach as performed by Jacques Israelievitch on his Guadagnini violin.

The transformed and manipulated sound waves and the maple resonator offer a sonic and iconic homage to the wonderful sounds we were gifted in time by a wonderful musician and his great violin.

The silhouette design of the maple board was inspired by my son Max who drew it for me after we discussed some ideas.


Violin by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini




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