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Posted on May 28, 2012 in News | 0 comments
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…re-listening to this great em:t CD, a great ambient label based in Nottingham, which in the mid-’90s published around twenty wonderful CDs before going out of business. Read more

The track for tonight is this one: Imagine by Voodoo Warriors of Love

mp3 [Download]

Voodoo Warriors of Love (real name John Crossley and Patcee Francis) was a band who released only four tracks on em:t in the mid-’90s and then disappeared.

Also listen to this one ; )


from the em:t 5595 CD booklet:

it is axiomatic that the importance of a given thing cannot be determined by the number of people who are prepared to admit that it is important…it is inconceivable that anything should be existing. It is not inconceivable that a lot of people should also be existing who are not interested in the fact that they exist. But it is certainly very odd.”  (Celia GreenThe Decline and The Fall of Science, 1975)


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