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inflated balloons

Posted on Dec 7, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Here is a nice piece of garbage from an “eminent” contemporary “artist”: German Artist Georg Baselitz: ‘My Paintings are Battles’

Years ago when asked what role he believes art plays in society, Baselitz replied, “The same role as a good shoe, nothing more.” And he has stated elsewhere: “The idea of changing or improving the world is alien to me and seems ludicrous. Society functions, and always has, without the artist. No artist has ever changed anything for better or worse.” (sic, …and sick). So what would you expect from someone like him? Too bad his words are probably expressing the opinion of many other contemporary wannabe “artists”. In such a garbage dump they feel good in the service of $$$, as their pompous egos only serve the cancerous capitalism devouring our planet. Let’s hope these inflated balloons will soon disappear, exploding in the stratospheric cosmos of their crap; society will finally function in fact without this kind of people and their ideas.



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