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Posted on Jun 20, 2010 in Laboratorio | 0 comments
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LABORATORIO Arts Society is a non-profit arts organization based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. LABORATORIO’s mandate is to foster art works in which actual dialogical experiences (i.e., dialogues of various kinds) take place. By acknowledging the importance of dialogic modalities of art, LABORATORIO wishes to promote new aesthetic values such as creative improvisation, interactivity and real-time remote interaction.

LABORATORIO springs from the need of integrating the physical space in the performance expanding creative way of thinking and supporting artistic practice intended more as behavior and a vehicle of group meaning where beauty is an activity rather than an entity. New tools, new ideas and new sounds demand a new context in which artistic practices can be elastic, malleable, inclusive, and exchanged and generated in real time. This open-ended ambiguity contradicts the one-way logic of an event (concert, exhibition performance) and suggests another sociology of art and performance where the performer is replaced by a workshop for performers. (Giorgio Magnanensi – artistic director)






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