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laboratorio AGM

Posted on Nov 2, 2010 in Events | 0 comments

Laboratorio Annual General Meeting

November 20, 2010 • 6pm-10pm

The Gumboot Garden Cafe, Roberts Creek

Activities and ideas, sound and visuals

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Laboratorio activities up to date:


• November 4, 2010

Creative Mix

Laboratorio is featured in the Creative Mix Exhibition and workshops.

Check Jeremy Lim’s Flickr page for some pics.

The Roundhouse, Vancouver BC

• October 19, 2010

Roberts Creek: a celebration in image and sound

Pierre Hebert video & live animation, Stefan Smulovitz viola & laptop

Gumboot Garden Café • Roberts Creek, BC


• July 5, 2010

Lori Freedman and friends

Lori Freedman (clarinets), Giorgio Magnanensi (piano & electronics), Graham Ord (reeds), Stefan Smulovitz (viola & laptop), Barry Taylor (drums)

7pm – Talk on Music & Architecture with renowned Xenakis scholar Sharon Kanach

Sunshine Coast Art Centre • Sechelt, BC


• April 17, 2010

Kuniko Kato • Sound Space Experiment

Kuniko Kato (percussion), Andrew Bate (drums, percussion)

Giorgio Magnanensi (electronics, electric piano), Barry Taylor (percussion)

Roberts Creek Community Hall • Roberts Creek, BC


• September 2 – 27, 2009


A four-week festival of free concerts, installations, workshops and sound-thinking forum

Sunshine Coast Art Centre • Sechelt, BC


• July 11, 2009

Steve Wright performing original compositions, songs, videos and electronics

Gumboot Garden Café • Roberts Creek, BC


• March 21, 2009

Compositions and improvisations by Silvia Mandolini, Giorgio Magnanensi,

Steve Wright, Andrew Bate and Serena Teatini

Silvia Mandolini (violin), Giorgio Magnanensi (electronics, electric piano),

Steve Wright (guitars, electronics), Andrew Bate (drums, percussions)

Gumboot Garden Café • Roberts Creek, BC


• March 8, 2009

Les Poules & Derome/Tanguay Duo

Joane Hétu (alto sax, voice), Diane Labrosse (voice, accordion, digital sampler),

Danielle Palardy Roger (drums, percussion), Jean Derome (saxophones, flute, various toys),

Pierre Tanguay (drums, percussion, voice)

Gumboot Garden Café • Roberts Creek, BCe


• August 2, 2008

The Music of Nick Drake

An evening of creative remixing of music and songs by Nick Drake

Giorgio Magnanensi (piano, electronics), Steve Wright (voice, guitars)

Serena Eades (violin), Andrew Bate (drums, percussions)

Gumboot Garden Café • Roberts Creek, BC


• January 19, 2008

Pillow Flight

Sonic Collage and Live Videos

Giorgio Magnanensi (piano, video, electronics), Steve Wright (voice, guitars),

Andrew Bate (drums, percussions)

Sunshine Coast Art Centre • Sechelt, BC


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