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for Kenton @kentonloewen, who has always known my passion for Electricity.

….though it sounds better in Italian, it is just a metaphor to give homage to electricity first, and give credit and love to everyone who like me love it. They all have been further inspiring me in adventuring further in so many ways.

When there is no future, in spite of all the statements, living in a perennial present without envisioning minds, incandescent flashers of energy are badly needed. Just look around, it might be more difficult to find them these days, though they need to shine brighter and brighter, as they can. …qui habet aures audiendi, audiat.

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luci incandescenti e creature sonore
(domestic installation #6)
this is for Tina @pearstina

Thank you @_sunhaus for building these lovely Orthoptera and Caviidae. I look forward to more sunlight to bring them with me in the forest,

I may also be able to get a lot of bugs and humans together around them : )







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