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Here follows a listing of my published compositions, other compositions and audio visual installations. As for some recordings I have been denied permission to post online, if you don’t find the recording of a piece here, I can send you one  if I have it.





Áous, 1986 *

Trema, 1989

Fließend, 11 strings, 1992 **

Il ghiaccio, il calore, l’autunno, il tessuto, 1998

Fließend (b), 21 strings, 2003

Buffy Remix, orchestra remix of six songs by Buffy Sainte-Marie 2006 (1) [see details about commissioner on page 13]

Neil Remix, orchestra remix of six songs by Neil Young 2007 (1)

God is alive, magic is afoot, remix of Buffy Sainte-Marie’s song based on Leonard Cohen’s homonymous poem, 2007 (1)

Carr Remix, orchestra arrangements of seven songs by Veda Hille based on texts by Emily Carr, 2011 (2)

Il suono indaco, for orchestra, live video and live electronics, 2011 (2)

In ludere (il suono viola), for orchestra and conduction, 2014

six sound objects, chiasmus for large orchestra, conduction, clarinet and electronics, 2017

Tony Remix, string orchestra remixes for a new song cycle by Tony Wilson, 2018-19 (37)


  • CHAMBER MUSIC (solo, small and large ensemble)

Nátel, 2 violins, 1985 **

Quartetto per archi, string quartet, 1985

y rayada…, alto flute, bass flute, Eng. horn, clarinet, bass cl, bassoon, 3 violas, cello, double bass, 1985

Elséliar, harp, 1986

Rasgos, guitar, 1986

Onda, bass clarinet, vibraphone/marimba, 1987 *

Alate, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, vibraphone/marimba, 1987 **

Aire, flute (alto flute), 1987 *

Nid, 2 flutes, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 cellos, 2 double basses, 2 percussions, 1988 **

Äon, flute (piccolo), bass clarinet, cello, celesta, marimba, 1988 **

Ethuiá, violin, 1988

Nim, violin, cello, piano, 1988 **

Secondo Quartetto per archi, string quartet, 1989 *

poi che del ver… , flute, harp, 1989 **

Trims, flute, violin, bass clarinet, piano, 1989 *

Alia, cello, 1990

Liànas, marimba, 1990 *

Max, baritone saxophone, piano, percussion, 1990

Al bianco cielo, cello, 1990

Ethuiá II, violin, 1991

Es soll alles schweben, flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, 1991 * (3)

Ein Wort, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, double bass, 1991 **

Tāmas, four timpani, 1991 **

Tāmas II, amplified double bass, percussion, 1991 (4)

Se delleterne idee, recorder, flute (alto flute), harp, 1992 **

Color temporis, amplified alto saxophone (also baritone), amplified prepared piano, 1992 **

Le temps comme temps, 2 oboes, English horn, live electronics, 1992 *

Ameyá II, flute, clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello, prepared piano, 1993

Nè il vento la luna, alto flute (bass flute), prepared piano, 1993

Integer valor, alto recorder (bass recorder), live electronics, 1993

Dragma, alto/bass recorder, French horn, trombone, 2 vl, viola, cello, double bass, live electronics, 1993

Biauté parfaite, bass recorder, contrabass recorder, live electronics, 1993

Early reflections, 2 electric guitars, 1994

Noise gate, amplified viola, live electronics 1994

Ethuiá IV, electric guitar, sampler, live electronics, 1994

Helmax, electric guitar, sampler, live electronics, 1994

Yombè, 3 Japanese percussions, audio tracks1995

CHFL, recorder, electric guitar, live electronics, 1995

Aura, contrabass recorder, electric guitar, 1996

Lalìt, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 1998 (5)

Tāmas III, solo shamisen, 3 Japanese percussions, 1998

Miki, 13-string koto, sampler, live electronics, 1998

Ipsa Venus (nota polare La), guitar, violin, live electronics, 1999

Raw meat and butterflies, accordion, live electronics, 2000 (co-creation with Douglas Schmidt)

Early one morning, accordion, live electronics, 2000 (co-creation with Douglas Schmidt)

Shadow, accordion, live electronics, 2000 (co-creation with Douglas Schmidt)

When I get the shakes, accordion, live electronics, 2000 (co-creation with Douglas Schmidt)

Come inutile ornamento, clarinet, live electronics, 2001 (6)

per essere fresco, violin, prepared piano, 2004

Un raggio l’ombra e lo sguardo, clarinet (bass cl.), tpt, piano, 2 perc, vl, d. bass & live electronics, 2005

Il suono blu, cl, hrn, trp, piano, perc, 2 vl, viola, cello, double bass, live electronics, 2005

II suono verde, piccolo, bass cl, bsn, alto sax, tpt, tbn, tuba, 2 perc, spatialized in a resonant space, 2006

Mixtophonics, flute, cl, vl, cello, sampler, audiotracks, 2006

Ethuiá V, French horn, live electronics, 2006 (7)

Lalít II, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, circuit-bent toys, live mix, live electronics, 2006 (8)

Alia, cello and live electronics, (revision) 2007

Teatro dell’udito, fl, cl, vl, cello, piano percussion, live mix, live electronics, 2007

Teatro dell’udito III , bass clarinet, live electronics, 2008 (9)

Ethuiá VI , 2 sax, trp, vl, vla, db, el guit, sampler, drums, percussion, 2008 (10)

Teatro dell’udito IV, 2 sax, trp, tbn, db, el guit, perc, drums, Buddha Machines, live electronics, 2008 (11)

Teatro dell’udito VI (string quartet III), string quartet, live video, live electronics, 2008 (12)

Sil (teatro dell’udito VIII), violin, live electronics, 2009

Tilál (teatro dell’udito IX), cello, ensemble, live mix, video, live electronics, 2009

Teatro dell’udito XI/AS, percussion, live electronics, 2009

Maps and Shadows, large ensemble, conduction, co-creation and live electronics, 2010

Il tempo dei baleni (4F), flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, 2010 (13)

Teatro dell’udito XV JA/Mix, prepared ukulele, cello, live video, live electronics, 2010 (14)

Lalít III tre pannelli con coda, alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, live electronics, 2012

TDU/Q, saxophone quartet, live mix, live electronics, 2012 (15)

Onyx introduzione and tableaux, flute (alto flute), viola, harp and live electronics, 2014

ARS ansia, rumore, sogno, tubax and live electronics, 2014 (16)

TDU XX, 2 flutes, bass clarinet, horn, piano, percussion, violin, vla, cello, double bass, live electronics, 2015

TDU XXI, alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, turntable & live electronics, 2016 (17)

ondas de sombra, cello, live electronics, 2020

TDU / UV, flute, sax, cello, piano and electronics (2021) (40)



Besamìm, 6 female voices, flute (alto flute), clarinet, harp, cello, stones, 1990 *

Comme si, mixed choir, 1991

Fractio modi Tinctoris, 5 female voices and chamber orchestra, 1994 (18)



Ameyá I, voice, cello, 1993

Aureolus, voice, electric guitar, live electronics, 1994 (19)

Sere, voice, sampler, live electronics, 1997

Äon, voice, drums, live electronics, 2005



Ethuiá III, 1988 *

Extensio modi, amplified prepared piano, live mix, live electronics, 1993 **



Poligames I-II-III, live electronic remix and co-creation; electric guitar and recorder (Antonio Politano), 1992

Isole/Memoria, electronic remix, co-creation with Walter Zanetti, Spanish guitar, 1997-98

Fades, electronic remix of Walter Zanetti’s Spanish guitar improvisations, 1997-98

Miki, koto and electronics remix for Miki Maruta, 1998

Salonicco, electronic remix and granular synthesis for multichannel spatialization, 1997

Cammeo per Silvia, remix for violin, electric guitar, recorder and electronics, 1999

This Spring rmx, ensemble remix for Veda Hille’s homonymous song, 2010

LD, string arrangement in P:ANO’s album The Den, 2011

Lichenometry rmx, live electronics with circuit bent TI Speak & Math for Joost Rekveld’s Lichenometry project, 2010

I Heard it Before, remix for the album Re: Presence – Motion Remixed, 2011

After Pendulum, remix for the album Re: Presence – Motion Remixed, 2011

Circle, electronic remix for the album Re: Presence – Motion Remixed, 2011

Missing, electronic remix for the album Re: Presence – Motion Remixed, 2011

Here Now, electronic remix for the album Re: Presence – Motion Remixed, 2011

The Nautical Almanac part 2, audio and video remix based on Martin Bartlett’s Nautical Almanac, 2014

Both Hands rmx, orchestration of Ani DiFranco’s homonymous song for the Queer Songbook Orchestra, 2014



Already fading, sampler, live electronics, 1997

And yet know I how Heather looks, sampler, live electronics, 1997

A daisy and a rose, guitar, sampler, percussion, live electronics, 1999 – it may be performed separately:

  1. Yet stars are not so pure as their spheres are, 2. A land not mine still forever memorable, 3. Blazing in gold

Il Piacere dellincertezza, 2 soundscape CDs, 1999 (20)

Fantasie – böwörötääzääöööüïshh, circuit-bent toys, live electronics, video and 8-channel diffusion, 2003

Omaggio a Varése (teatro dell’udito X), live remix, live electronics and 8-channel diffusion, 2009



Nimue, sampler and live electronics, co-creation with the dance trio Nimue (Italy), 1999

Tao, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2004

One man’s, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2005

Unbound, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2006

Three sixty five, 2 record players, live electronics and cello (Peggy Lee) for Wen Wei Dance, 2007

Cock-pit, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2009

Under the skin, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2010

7th Sense, electronic music for Wen Wei Dance, 2013



Lo vedi come sono in ansia (text by Luigi Gozzi), 2 actors, clarinet, vl, piano, perc, birdcalls, 1992

MU, piano, live electronics, with video by David Murphy and Hans Samuelson, 1998

Vanilla die scream, amplified bass clarinet, cello, prepared piano, live electronics and video, 2001

Aila, dancer, clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussion, live electronics, 2002 (21)

Insidie cromatiche, sax, 2 tpt, drums, el. guitars, piano, vl, vc, db, video & electronics 2004 (22)

Nature ecstasy, clarinet, harp, 2 horns, 2 trumpet and live electronics. Music for the silent video Nature Ecstasy by Suddenly Dance Theatre, 2006 (23)

aBK (teatro dell’udito XIV), violin, video, live electronics, 2010

Quid (with the Titanic and Cage in the background), fl, bass cl, horn, vla, cello, db, perc, live video, live electronics, 2012

We no longer…, sax, trumpet, 2 tbn, vl, el. guitar, keys, bass, drum, 2 voices, electronics, 2012

TDU HRO (le feu et l’artifice), 4 trp, 4tbn, 4 sax, vl, el. guitar, piano, bass, drums, perc, electronics, 2013 (24)

VNM Panorama, variable large ensemble, live video, live electronics in a spatialized setting, 2013

TDU / IDA, baritone sax, live electronics, live video, 2013 (25)

Deux Tableaux for Silvia, violin, electronics and 16 red cedar flat panel resonators, 2017

Lied TDU / FS, flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion, electronics and video, 2017 (35)

TDU / MH, cello, 16 Red Cedar & Pacific Maple flat audio resonators, electronics and oscillographic video, 2018 (36)

Personum Hidden Song, dancer, interactive audio system and multichannel diffusion, 2021-2022 (41)



Personum, Sound installation for an interactive performance space using 20 circuit-bent talking toys, video and multichannel (24 Ch.) spatialization, 2006; Scotiabank Dance Centre – Vancouver, BC (26)

Teatro dell’udito V, Audiovisual installation and performance for sound waves and dual channel cathode ray oscilloscope; 2008-2009; Surrey Art Gallery – Surrey, BC (27)

Butterflies (teatro dell’udito VII), Audiovisual installation for sound waves and dual channel cathode ray oscilloscope, 2009; Zero to One Studios – Kitchener, ON (28)

Heather Remix, Audiovisual installation and performance for live audio and live video painting remix, 2009; Sunshine Coast Art Council – Sechelt, BC

Sine Waves, Live audio & live video improvisation, March 24, 2011; Crescent Fort Rouge United Church Winnipeg, MB

TDU/CIRS, String quartet, spatialized electronic ensemble, any number of people, live interactive video and live electronics in a large sonorous space, 2012; Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) UBC – Vancouver, BC (29)

The sinking of the Titanic, Live visuals for the Aventa Ensemble’s performance of newly composed works by Jordan Noble, Jennifer Butler and Giorgio Magnanensi, December 4, 2012; Vancouver Aquatic Centre – Vancouver, BC

Maps & Shadow, Audiovisual installation on and about the Sechelt Gravel Pit, Sept. 2013; Sechelt Arts Festival, Seaside Centre – Sechelt, BC (30)

Soundgarden 01, A nocturnal audiovisual installation in collaboration with Nicolas Teichrob. An interactive performance and outdoor environment using multiple video projection mappings, interactive video painting and live electronics, Lower reaches of Malcolm Creek – Roberts Creek, BC, July 2015 (31)

Cycles and Rings, Audiovisual installation for 2 cedar flat panel audio resonators, large cedar round and spectrographic sonification, duration: ad lib, 2015; Sechelt Arts Festival, Seaside Centre – Sechelt, BC (32)

Pixelsorting KJ, Video processing and image pixel-sorting process of Kedrick James’ digital collages – Lakehead University, Virtual Gallery (Juried Exhibition), 2015; Lakehead University – Thunder Bay, ON

Soundgarden 02, Audiovisual installation with Nicolas Teichrob; Lower reaches of Malcolm Creek Roberts Creek, BC, July 2016 (33)

il Gaudagnini, Sound sculpture (maple flat audio resonator), 2017

Doris Crowston Gallery, Sunshine Coast Art Council – Sechelt, BC

Sound Crystals / -H, A microsonic environment for variable sound clouds, 1 red cedar flat audio resonator, 6 maple flat audio resonators and oscillographic video. LOoW, ECUAD – Vancouver, January/February 2018

 West Coast Radians, Sound installation/performance space for 16 custom-made cedar and maple flat panel audio resonators in a large sonorous space, 2018; UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) Vancouver, March 4-10, 2018 (34)

Soundgarden 03, Audiovisual installation with Nicolas Teichrob; Tofino Botanical Gardens Tofino BC, August 2018

Still Life Continuum, 16-channel audio installation, Orpheum Theatre – Vancouver, BC December 11, 2018

MAGIK, Audiovisual installations/performances with Kenton Loewen (drums), Marina Hasselberg (cello), Nicolas Teichrob (visuals), multichannel diffusion and live electronics, 2018 – ongoing (38)

West Coast Radians, 8-channel sound installation at the International Environmental Communication Association’s Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, June 17-21, 2019

Very Glitchy PatchAUDIOSPHERE: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet – Audio Exhibition (Francisco Lopez Curator) – Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (Spain), May 26-September 14, 2020

Risonanze (Soundgarden 04), Audiovisual installation with Nicolas Teichrob; Tofino Botanical Gardens Tofino BC,Amphitrite Point Lighthouse – Ucluelet BC, Summer 2021 (39)



Personum, 40 custom circuit-bent talking toys, FM radios, and electronic circuits used in live performances, compositions, improvisations and sound installations. 2002 – Ongoing

Oscilloscope Fun, A series of sound objects and sound sculptures composed within Max/MSP & NI Reaktor software to be broadcasted on multiple digital and analogic Dual-Channel Oscilloscopes, 2010 – Ongoing

Spunspectra, A series of 15 sonifications and spectrographic videos of hi-resolution spun spectraphotographs by Nicolas Teichrob, 2015–2016



*) Suvini & Zerboni, Milano – Italy

**) Ricordi, Milano – Italy


  1. CBC Radio Orchestra – Vancouver, Canada
  2.  Victoria Symphony Orchestra – Victoria, Canada
  3. Österreichisches Ensemble Für Neue Musik – Salzburg, Austria
  4. City of Bologna – Bologna, Italy
  5. Continuum Ensemble – Toronto Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  6. François Houle (Clarinet) – Vancouver, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  7. Aventa Ensemble – Victoria, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  8. Continuum Ensemble – Toronto, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  9. Lori Freedman (Bass Clarinet) – Montréal, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  10.  Ensemble SuperMusique – Montréal, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  11.  NOW Orchestra – Vancouver, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  12.  Penderecki String Quartet – Kitchener, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  13.  MDI Ensemble – Milano, Italy
  14.  James Hill (Ukulele) – Nova Scotia, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  15.  Quasar Saxophone Quartet – Montréal, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  16.  David Brutti (Tubax) – Italy (Canada Council Commission)
  17.  Aventa Ensemble – Victoria, Canada
  18.  Tearo Comunale – Bologna, Italy
  19.  Roma Europa Festival – Roma, Italy
  20.  Benevento Cittá Spettacolo – Benevento, Italy
  21.  Standing Wave Ensemble – Vancouver, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  22.  Hard Rubber Orchestra – Vancouver, Canada (Rio Tinto Alcan Award)
  23.  Suddenly Dance Theatre – Victoria, Canada
  24.  Hard Rubber Orchestra – Vancouver, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  25.  Ida Toninato (Baritone Sax) – Montréal, Canada (Canada Council Commission)
  26.  New Media Creation Production Grant [with Chris Rolfe] (Canada Council)
  27.  Sechelt Arts Festival – Sechelt, Canada
  28.  Open Ear Festival – Kitchener, Canada
  29.  UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) – Vancouver, Canada
  30.  Sechelt Arts Festival – Sechelt, Canada
  31.  New Media Project Grant (British Columbia Art Council)
  32.  Sechelt Arts Festival – Sechelt, Canada
  33.  New Media Project Grant [with Nicolas Teichrob] (British Columbia Art Council)
  34.  New Media Project Grant (British Columbia Art Council)
  35.  Aventa Ensemble – Victoria, Canada
  36.  Explore and Create Grant (Canada Council)
  37.  Explore and Create Grant [with Tony Wilson] (Canada Council)
  38.  Explore and Create Grant (Canada Council)
  39.  Explore and Create Grant [with Nicolas Teichrob] (Canada Council)
  40.  UltraViolet Ensemble – Edmonton, Canada (Canada Council)
  41.  Explore and Create Grant [with Josh Martin] (Canada Council)

download Giorgio Magnanensi’s CV


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