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lovely sines

Posted on Jun 23, 2017 in Video | 0 comments
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This is for Nikki



This old Max Msp Jitter patch is still one of my favorite instruments. Both visuals and sound are massaging my soul and brain reminding me how beautiful is letting go of your ego while bathing in the beauty of pure sonic vibrations without needing to express anything at all.


Radicalizing: listening is attention, not apprehension; 
to listen is evidence of what happens as sound, 
not knowledge of what happens with sound. 
So: sound is the presence of an absolute, 
his annunciation is its own revelation, 
listening then certainly is not the act by which 
 you come to a discursive apprehension, 
but the moment at which perception mediates 
and joins the multiplicity in the unity of formal knowledge. 
Listening is immediate experience in which knowledge 
coincides with the action: listening is ascesis.
                        (Franco Donatoni)


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