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come celebrate sonic imagination and lovely people!


mixtophonics has returned, after 17 years in June 2018. VNM started mixtophonics in 2001 at the Havana Theatre on Commercial Drive, to offer a space to present sound and music explorations by a variety of young and upcoming artists living in Vancouver. It run for 3 years and it was a great monthly gathering fostering the beautiful energy of people enjoying playing together, reflect, provoke and meet through and within sound.

John Korsrud came to me early summer 2018 as he was booking Lana Lou’s for a couple of Wednesdays to gather some local musicians and improvisers, and instigated the idea to start a new series, with the same spirit and energy, in and for a city which has yes changed a lot, but also still hosts a growing community of sound thinkers and beautiful people we like to have around, we like to meet and play with and we wish to strongly support in a cultural landscape which at times still fails to recognize the radical and revolutionary power of unorthodox creative energies. Join us to support and celebrate sonic explorations, sound thinking and the power of imagination, mixtophonics is here to stay!


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