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monos solos

Posted on Sep 30, 2022 in Audio , Video | 0 comments
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We are all relatives’ when taken as a methodological tool for obtaining knowledge means that we
observe the natural world by looking for relationships between various things in it . . . and the
total set of relationships makes up the natural world as we experience it. This concept is simply the
relativity concept as applied to a universe that people experience as alive and not as dead or
inert. Thus Indians knew that stones were the perfect beings because they were self-contained
entities that had resolved their social relationships and possessed great knowledge about how
every other entity, and every species, should live. Stones had mobility but did not need to use it.
Every other being had mobility and needed, in some specific manner, to use it in relationships.

(Vine Deloria et al., 1999, p. 34)

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