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The Nautical Almanac • Part 2

Posted on Apr 13, 2014 in Audio , Remix, Video | 0 comments
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Martin Bartlett’s The Nautical Almanac • Part 2 presented in a version for live electronics and video. The original scored materials suggests phasing patterns super imposed on freely combining one-measure cells in a recursive form implying a combination of both score-following and free improvisation on the given materials. The video matrix has been used to drive a randomized reading of the audio buffer which contains an old and undated tape-recorded performance of The Nautical Almanac • Part 1.

This version also uses electronic remixes of the old tape-recorded performance of Part 1 contributed by Justin Devries, Soressa Gardner and Stefan Smulovitz, and it is an homage to Martin Bartlett’s ongoing and deep interest in live electronic performance and mixed media work.

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