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noise in the key of D

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 in Events | 0 comments
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Thank you Lee for the great video!

Noise in the Key of D


On a beautiful summer evening members of VEE (Vancouver Electronic Ensemble) gathered in the spaciousness of the VCC Atrium to make noise in the key of D, at the suggestion of Matt O’Donnell. Players arranged themselves throughout the space, utilizing multiple balconies over 3 levels and a large main floor. Both audience and players were encouraged to move freely through the space during the performance to experience it from different perspectives. I spent a week with the original footage transforming a run and gun document into a 30 minute art piece intended to give the viewer a first-person active-participant sense of the two hour performance with the occasional surreal passage. Featuring the talents of: Daryn Cassie – Roland SH-201 | Merlyn Chipman – video feedback, drone | Justin Devries – cello + FX | Soressa Gardener – vocals + laptop | Lee Hutzulak – acoustic guitar + FX | Dan Karrasch – electric guitar + FX | Dave Leith – Buchla Easel clone + FX | Giorgio Magnanensi – Max MSP | Angelo Moroni – headphone goggles | Matt O’Donnell – sitar | The Mystery Man – electric guitar, bell samples | Dan Potter – electric bass | Andrew Scott – electronics | prOphecy Sun – voice + FX, glockenspiel

With apologies to anyone I’ve missed.

Lee Hutzulak




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