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one page scores

Posted on Feb 5, 2012 in Audio | 0 comments
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Another great VEE’s performance at the Canadian New Music Network Forum,
January 20, 2012. Stereo mix of front and rear recording:


mp3 [Download]


See the seven one page scores below.

Scores – in performance order – by:

Frederick Brummer, Jordan Nobles, Remy Siu, Lee Pui Ming, Dave Leith, Janine Island, Eric Normand, Stefan Smulovitz (Mad Scientist Machine)


Scott Aitken, Ross Birdwise, Frederick Brummer, Justin Devries, Soressa Gardner, Scott Gubbels, Daniel Karrasch, Dave Leith, Giorgio Magnanensi, Dan Potter, Andrew Short, Stefan Smulovitz, Tom Speakman, prOphecy sun


MSM Stefan Smulovitz



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