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Parallel 03: Endlings (Raven Chacon and John Dieterich) + collaborators



Parallel 03 brings together a new collaboration between New Mexico-based musicians Raven Chacon and John Dieterich (known together as Endlings) and six Vancouver musicians and sound artists utilizing a variety of cross-platform and anonymous methods for composition and improvisation. Composed, recorded, and arranged over four months of isolation in 2020, the eight collaborators became generators, translators, mistranslators and filters for each others’ ideas in an incalculable feedback loop of expansive processes.



Raven Chacon

John Dieterich

Parmela Attariwala

Adrian Avendaño

John Brennan

Elisa Ferrari

Marina Hasselberg

Alanna Ho

Joel Schuman (website design)




In its labyrinthine nature this magic website well represents the creative work and interaction that have been developing and growing among all the artists involved in VNM’s Parallel 3 over a few months of collective work, dialogues, creations, discoveries and exchange. Before reflecting upon a few ideas emerging from the project and this space, I wish to give a special thank you to Raven Chacon and John Dieterich for their commitment, leadership and enthusiasm, to the six Vancouver musicians who wholeheartedly embraced this creative adventure during an intense time for everyone involved bringing their full creative power and passion, to Steve Chow for the beautiful poster design and to Joel Schuman who created this wonderful website resonating with all these visions and dreams.

To thank these artists means mainly and foremost to acknowledge their wonderful creative spirit, a spirit that has been nurtured by many things: abstraction, analogy, beauty, brainstorming, intuition, tension, divergent thinking, questions, improvisation, noise, anxiety, diversity, magical thinking, playfulness, ambiguity, serendipity, story telling, experiment and the power of imagination…


…dispersion, infiltration, osmosis,

adoption, abstraction, contagion…

music here finally aspires to the dimension of scent.


Musical communication only exists

on a purely emotional level.

Emotionality is immanent,

expression is definitely linked to the instant,

instant is unpredictably transcendent.


The labyrinthine and multidimensional nature of this project and this space has been inspired by imagination and perplexities, meandering, translations, sonic and silent utterances while discovering the ephemeral poetry hidden everywhere, …fragments used to define an ongoing and endless process in which we wander on the verge of discovering (…or revealing) ourselves. Fragments of form: perhaps the only possible form.

Here we won’t find a single, indisputable centre, here a different kind of Harmonia, questions and awe, make everything equally important and equally unimportant. Here we blur invention and imagination, while they both give themselves to our perceptions in their multi-form and magical nature, while they act with full agency and are not acted upon.

Invention and imagination here are not related to expression, as their very nature is purely symbolic: like cloudiness is not just about clouds. While looking at and immersing ourselves in these clouds we open to vast horizons while resonating with creative energy and poetics of engagement.

Finally, a poetic vision emerges here within qualities and behaviours essential to any practice of freedom; to any healthy relationship among people and communities and within the biosphere we live in, the magic beauty of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. ( g )







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