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teatro dell’udito VI

Live recording:

mp3 [Download]


10 March 2011, 8pm • Scotiabank Dance Centre (677 Davie Street)


Penderecki String Quartet

Jeremy Bell, violin

Jacob Braun, cello

Jerzy Kaplanek, violin

Christine Vlajk, viola



Lament in the Trampled Garden for string quartet (1992)



String Quartet No.3, Leaves of an Unwritten Diary (2008)

(Canadian Premiere)



String Quartet (1985), in memoriam Urmas Kipuspuu

i. Quarter note = 80

ii. Tempo ad libitum



teatro dell’udito VI (String Quartet III) (2009)

for string quartet, live video and live electronics

(Commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet with the

assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts)




teatro dell’udito VI (String Quartet III)

for string quartet, live video and live electronics  • Chris Rolfe, live electronics

I use the technique of collage and assemblage of heterogeneous forms with a programmatic character. The fragmented nature of these events underlines their character of work in progress: a sort of tale without beginning and ending, a permeable space declaring its openness to the diverse voices and soundscapes. Fragments of forms where the form of material is at the same time material of form, movement, direction, lines and points.

TDU VI is dedicated to Chris Rolfe as Chris has largely inspired the sonic quality of this piece. Our discussions and work together on various projects, diffusion and granular synthesis have been shaping ideas and techniques, which then became embodied in this work. That is the reason why I asked Chris to perform the live electronics of this piece as TDU VI is as much his piece as my own. Last but not least a great thank you goes to the wonderful musicians of the PSQ who put so much energy and beautiful sounds in the performance of this work.


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