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full circle



Sound installation for an interactive performance space using circuit-bent toys and multichannel spatialization

The Scotiabank Dance Centre – The Faris Family Studio 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

February 6–15, 2006 • 1pm–7pm (free entrance)

Performances: Friday 10, Sunday 12 • 8pm (free entrance)

Workshop: Sunday 12 • 2pm–5pm (free entrance by submission)


An open work of art can be interpreted in thousand different ways without its irreproducible singularity being altered. Every reception is thus at the same time an interpretation and a performance, since in every reception the work is relived in an original perspective. (Umberto Eco)






Thanks to the following individuals for their contribution to the installation process and participation: Heather Gatz, Max & Finnegan, Chris Rolfe, Trude Heift, Hans Samuelson, David Murphy, Peter Hannan, Linda Hoffman, Steve Chow, Jason Dubois, Peter Moonan, Kedrick James, Shawn Cashin, Andrew Scott, Jayson Thiessen and the world-wide community of circuit-benders who contributed and stimulated ideas with their ongoing enthusiasm and madness in the art of recycling and repurposing discarded technology.




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