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Posted on Dec 7, 2012 in Compositions | 0 comments
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with the Titanic and Cage in the background

remix the last 2 min with this


The Latin word quid is the neuter form of quis, which is the feminine and masculine form. As an interrogative, it means what, who. As an indefinite, it means anybody, anyone, anything.

quid [Download]


for flute, bass clarinet, French horn, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, live video and live electronics

dedicated to Jordan Noble, performed live at the

Vancouver Aquatic Centre by Aventa Ensemble

Mark McGregor, flutes
Darnell Linwood, horn
Muge Buyukcelen, viola and violin
Mieka Michaux, viola
Alasdair Money, cello
Darren Buhr, double bass
Corey Rae, percussion
Bill Linwood, percussion and conductor
with guests Colin MacDonald, saxophones
Adrian Verdejo, electric guitar
AK Coope, clarinets




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