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Posted on Jun 17, 2011 in News | 0 comments
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…matters to consider

“Troppo facile la disperazione; più difficile contribuire al restauro.” (Luciano Anceschi)

“Desperation is too easy, more difficult is to contribute to the restoration” (Luciano Anceschi)


food for thought:


Posthegemony: embarrassing

Dear Hooligans | The Vancouver Observer

Time for the NHL to join soul-searching over the Stanley Cup riot

Riot On 2011! | Vancouver Media Co-op

Vancouver hockey riot is a symptom of a larger problem | Vancouver, Canada |

Understanding Vancouver’s “Hockey Riot” | Mostly Water

TV spin can’t hide Vancouver’s dark underbelly

Spectacular Vancouver conquers itself | The Mainlander

SPECIAL: The Real Face of Vancouver | Facebook













more matters to consider:

Francesco Aquilini on Gordon Campbell and the state of B.C. | Vancouver Magazine

Francesco Aquilini – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


vancityriot [Download]

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