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six sound objects



for the Plastic Acid Orchestra with the Lions Gate Youth Orchestra,

and François Houle, clarinet & electronics

video by Angela Stearns



This piece is an homage to live sound making, the energy and power of imagination and the sheer beauty of sharing sound and sound-thinking together with a large group of young, passionate and committed musicians. The nature of this work relies on direct communication and sonic responses to 6 sound objects ideas and articulations, to allow for an extemporaneous and varied exploration of orchestral timbre, dynamic, gesture and spatialization. The clarinet solo (François Houle) interacts following the sequence of the 6 objects but in a reverse order (chiasmus) and freely improvising within the live forming framework of the piece. This work wishes to provide a platform to expand explorations of live sound/music making in which priority is given to a visceral approach and immediate dialogues and responses via non verbal communication, while building upon a shared collective energy. Its purpose is not to reach an aesthetic dimension, but it aims to foster and to reinforce fundamental values related to sonic imagination and engagement while playing as a model of a possible form of living together: an artistic practice intended more as a behaviour and a vehicle of group meaning where beauty is an activity rather than an entity. [gm]

The piece is dedicated to the Plastic Acid Orchestra, The Lions Gate Youth Orchestra and François Houle.



shots & resonances, in slow-mo




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