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sound engines

Posted on Feb 23, 2022 in Audio , Video | 0 comments
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Heraclitan Rhythm Machine & Hydra


Beside myself, there are at least 3 people who might enjoy these sound engines: the two great wizards who kindly and intensely made them for me, Dan and Larry, and @basssleeper who is one of my favourite bass player and a great listener.

Cheers to them and every one! …and to Constantine, he has two reasons why.

Though after cheering, humans continue to make the same mistakes over and over again; they seem to not be able to understand how many times theatricality and deceit can meet – or better say, always meet… under periods of great weakness, deep unbalance and loss of “vision” ….in spite of sight. Reality is very foggy these days, even in the brighter Sun. Though Sun doesn’t really care, its living state is like the slow-motion decaying of a burst of energy.

1, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000………or… it is not going to make any difference, as we are likely just disturbances of control(led…) voltage, transmuted in easily digestible emotional content.

Therefore we are noise, live in noise, produce noise, create with noise, defeat and disregard noise; because noise challenges us in many ways, and when we lost the ability to attend to sound, beyond the everlasting chattering of thinking: trying to understand what simply is and will always be, the spectrum of human nature. Does this justify violence? No, though it pushes tolerance to sensitive thresholds. Action seems nowadays not very easy when the theatre sells distilled fear, falsities, deceit and gradual dissipation of resistance. So yes, drones, and noise are just a feeding source of possibilities. The “dark sides”, the raw matter, a blood pumping machine. One where noise would perturb our security and the theatricality of self-expression. “Il teatro dei balocchi” would stop there, Pinocchio would never exist and humans would be happily continue to kill each other as usual.

Is screaming about all this disturbing? If so, apologies, I’m actually totally at loss myself at times… But is it really the noise we hate so much, or rather real freedom, democracy, and all the beautiful rainbowed coloured values we scream about while things are just going slowly down the drain? Or, more appropriately – as I said elsewhere, while a lot of “noise” is coming up, …from the drain. Finally, to end the rant, thank you Aristotle, while my language is failing, my body is full of noise.

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