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Roberts Creek, July 22-23




soundgarden 2 poster



Nicolas Teichrob • spun spectra 9761 – Photo taken by Nicolas nearby Malcolm Creek, our soundgarden site.


sonification of #9761:

9761 loop [Download]



here some images from last year’s soundgarden


and some comments

“Quite simply, the soundgarden was magical. Giorgio and Nic animated a familiar moon-kissed forest stream nook into a hallucinatory theatre of perception. Carefully choreographed, immersive, interactive, contemplative, and generous, the work playfully encouraged us to unexpected places. What more can one ask of a work of art?” – Matthew Talbot-Kelly

“The Spun Spectra show was a memorable experience.  It was very unique to enter a familiar forest at night, and see it totally transformed with the different visual and sonic effects.  It made you experience the forest in a totally different way.” – Nathan Loewen

“I loved the smell of the cedar and other wood, the music echoing the feel and sound of the forest and stream, and the imagery based on spider-web prisms.   Thank you for allowing us access to your land for our visual and auditory delight!”  – Janice Williams

“Spun spectra was an incredible example of the beauty of light we rarely see. A visual feast for the brain. It opened my eyes to the refracted light available to us all the time thanks to these amazing orb weaving spiders. I see web rainbows everywhere now.” – Mark Goerzen

“Spun spectra blew my mind. Images, sound scapes, projections that took my brain to a completely unexpected zone. Surprises and challenges around every corner. This show absolutely NEEDS to be seen. I fully expect to never see anything like it ever again. ” – Athan Merrick

“The show shifted how I felt at the moment, as if to suddenly find yourself immersed in a book you can taste: the dark and natural environment, enhanced by Giorgio’s psychedelic soundscape, and of course the glowing mystery and magic of Nic’s colourful spiderweb images. There was clearly a sense of disbelief and discovery among viewers: both the wonder, and in a strange way the weakness, of the spiderweb images is the surprise that they’re not altered, that they’re actual images of spiderwebs, merely taken from a perspective, and in a light, often overlooked. ” – Jason Mannings

“My wife and I attended an event by Giorgio Magnanensi with Nicolas Teichrob called Sound Garden this past weekend and would like to extend our appreciation for this taking place. As Sunshine Coast residents and professional artists it was most inspiring to be taken away from the Bricks and Mortar approach to art expression and be transported into a wonderfully selected and orchestrated location where the experience of the musical and visual art was seamlessly intertwined with the amazing canvas that nature provided. The benefits to the Sunshine Coast for this type of weekend event are varied and many, but for us specifically, it is assurance that interesting contemporary expression of the arts is being demonstrated at a very high level. This event breathes life into all aspects of creative expressions on the Sunshine Coast, promotes exploration, demonstrates positive creative leadership and fosters better understanding of why we live and culturally develop here on the West Coast. Sound Garden also has the cool factor that will be talked about off the coast and around the world…in fact, we were just sharing the experience along with pictures with family and friends in Europe, and this makes us look like we live in a culturally rich and developing environment. Thank you for helping realize this, and we very much hope this event format may be considered for future years, as it is sure to be a continued success.” – Lee and Bon Roberts, GOLDMOSS Gallery



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