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Spun Spectra first one!

Posted on Jan 16, 2016 in Installations | 0 comments
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Here is the first finished Spun Spectra light/audio box!


Spun Spectra audio-visual show is physically coming together finally! A million hurdles and cruxes and mistakes and struggles have happened along the way to get here, but that’s what these ‘new’ projects are about, figuring things out from square one. Learning. This is the first of what will be 20+ cedar framed light-sound boxes I’ve been building, 60cm x 90cm print size and shining bright. Soon she’ll sing. A massive thanks to the BC Arts Council and my collaborator wizard Giorgio Magnanensi. And to all the people tagged who at random but key! times have had significant impact on this project and on me, through their stoke, curiosity, encouragement and sometimes just great energy, open ears, mind, and eagerness to hear of creative wanderings. Caw caw! #rabbitholelife #coolstoryhansels #curveballnation #handmade #sunshinecoast #bcarts #yvr #comingsoon #spunspectra #flowvibes #creatingisbest #timetoshredpow #gallerysearch #artsandcraftsgotcomplicated #amillionmorehurdlestocome #robertscreek #lookingforabatterysponsor @goalzero ??

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