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Spun Spectra

Posted on Sep 28, 2014 in Audio | 0 comments
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Sonification experiments of a few beautiful images

from the Spun Spectra series by Nicolas Teichrob


In these preliminary examples I utilized a system based on a process of spectogram imaging that utilize the images of the complex light spectra of spider webs captured by Nicholas Teichrob, as sonograms. Using Max Msp Jitter, the images are scanned mapping the parameters of frequency and amplitude over variable time frames, revealing a similarly rich and complex web-like sonic architecture that allows for both an aesthetic and cognitive perception of the original observed phenomenon and its fascinating manifestations.

Thank you Nic for such wonderful photographs!



SpunSpectrum 01

sonification of SpunSpectrum 01:

spunspectrum 01 [Download]



SpunSpectrum 02

sonification of SpunSpectrum 02:

SpunSpectrum 02 [Download]


sonification of SpunSpectrum 02 scanning the color spectra:



SpunSpectrum 04

Three different readings and sonifications of SpunSpectrum 04:

spunspectrum 04a [Download]

spunspectrum 04b [Download]

spunspectrum 04c [Download]


sonification of SpunSpectrum 04 scanning the color spectrum:



SpunSpectrum 03


sonification of SpunSpectrum 03



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