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for shamisen and Japanese percussion ensemble

tamas III – score

tamas III [Download]

Pro Musica Nipponia 40th Anniversary Composer Competition, 2ndPrize– Tokyo, Japan 2005

Pro Musica Nipponia 40th Program


tamas III
was premiered by Pro Musica Nipponia on January 25, 2005
in occasion of their 40th anniversary celebration

Shamisen, Shika Kikai


This piece is the result of a meeting in which I had the pleasure
of sharing the same love for Beauty with a wonderful musician
like Hirokazu Sugiura. So, still and again, I assimilate myself to my subjectivity,
assimilating myself to it in an attempt to “see” through a more speculative method of thought.
In a constant motion toward or away from potential,
the tentative, the ephemeral…
first meeting, last meeting.


Dedicated to Hirokazu Sugiura • Tokyo, April 1998


grand master Kineya Gosakichi (Sugiura Hirokazu)

grand master Kineya Gosakichi (Sugiura Hirokazu)



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