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for spatialized ensemble and diffused electronics (2021)
Music by Giorgio with FontanaMIX


Audio track of the final Coda by Chris Rolfe (2021) – Walter Zanetti, solo guitar

Lavinia Guillari (flutes) – Marco Ignoti (clarinets) – Stefano Malferrari (piano and keys)

Nicola Evangelisti (electronics and audio diffusion) Francesco La Licata (electronics)

Franco Venturini (piano and keys) – Nunzio Dicorato (percussion)

Walter Zanetti (guitars) – Alice Caradente (harp) – Valentino Corvino (violin)

Corrado Carnevali (viola) – Sebastiano Severi (cello) – Fabio Quaranta (double bass)



Thank you to all the great friends and musicians of the FontanaMIX Ensemble!
It was lovely working together in spite of the distance. XOX


And here is the TDU FMix Remix, which is a draft I previously made to guide me into the live mapping of the event, though the final result (as always) is a bit different and great! Thank youy again!!




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