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TDU/HRO • le feu et l’artifice

Posted on Apr 26, 2014 in Compositions, Scores , Teatro dell'udito | 0 comments
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for 4 sax, 4 trumpet, 4 trombones, violin, electric guitar, piano, bass, drums and percussion

dedicated to the Hard Rubber Orchestra and John Korsrud

TDU/HRO • le feu et l’artifice


While writing for or conducting the Hard Rubber Orchestra I have always had a lot of fun and deeply enjoyed the energy and sounds of all the great musicians of this band. Therefore I have been very excited writing this new piece, and once again I wanted to take advantage of my association to the ensemble and its potentials, writing a piece that would enhance the virtuosic qualities of all its members. A virtuosity based rather on a idea of collaboration than just on skills and technologies involved in a purely technical execution; its main goal being to attain an intense creative flow and a reinforcement of the balance between a purely visceral co-creation (le feu) and a purely intellectual interpretation (l’artifice).

The score is also a further investigation of teatro dell’udito (TDU) project in which I explore techniques of collage and assemblage of heterogeneous forms with a programmatic character, evolving in relationship rather than static blocks. The fragmented nature of these forms underlines its character of work in progress: a sort of tale without beginning and ending, a permeable space declaring its non–obstruction to diverse voices and soundscapes and working in a strategy of an imaginary scenography.









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