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Posted on Mar 5, 2014 in Compositions, Teatro dell'udito | 0 comments

a remix of an excerpt of TDU/HRO

for the Hard Rubber Orchestra:


Trumpets: Derry Byrne, Vince Mai, Jim Littleford, John Korsrud

Trombones: Dennis Esson, Rod Murray, Hugh Fraser, Brad Muirhead

Saxophones: David Branter, Bill Runge, Saul Berson, Chad Makela

Piano: Allen Stiles

El. Guitar: Daryl Jahnke

Violin: Cam Wilson

El. Bass & Db: Laurence Mollerup

Percussion: Jack Duncan

Drums: Bernie Arai

Conductor: Giorgio Magnanensi


re-reading this…:

Entendre, “to hear” also means comprendre. “to

understand,” as if “hearing” were above all “hearing say ”

(rather than “hearing sound”), or rather, as if in all “hearing”

there had to be a “hearing say,” regardless of whether

the sound perceived was a word or not. But even that

might be reversible: in all saying (and I mean in all discourse,

in the whole chain of meaning) there is hearing,

and in hearing itself, at the very bottom of it, a listening.

Which means: perhaps it is necessary that sense not be

content to make sense (or to be logos), but that it want also

to resound. My whole proposal will revolve around such

a fundamental resonance, even around a resonance as a

foundation, as a first or last profundity of “sense” itself (or

of truth) .  [from Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening]




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