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teatro dell’udito XII

Posted on May 20, 2010 in Teatro dell'udito | 0 comments
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The Banff Centre for The Arts • February 2010


Winter Residency Ensemble 

Giorgio Magnanensi, conduction & live electronics

Chris Rolfe, multi channel diffusion & live electronics


TDU XII live [Download]


teatro dell’udito XII • program notes


Leah Abramson , voice & electronics *

Kari Anderson, oboe

Minna Choi, violin

Katelyn Clark, harpsichord

Kevin Hanlon, electric guitar

Terri Hron, recorders & electronics

Cris Inguanti, clarinet & bass clarinet

Norbert Kögging, voice *

Anyssa Neumann, piano

Kong Kie Njo, percussion

Simon Phillips, piano

Sebastian Ruth, violin

Clark Shaufele, double bass

David Sikula, electric guitar & electronics

Rachel Stott, viola & musical saw

Catherine Thompson, self-built instruments

*) Text from Stuart Ian McKay’s poem a more blissful orbit





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