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the circus rmx

Posted on Sep 19, 2010 in Remix | 0 comments
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a remix of a great song by Mark Lebbell

original song:


The Circus, by Mark Lebbell

Nero was getting nervous, as he sat there on throne

People wanting bread, filled the streets of Rome

He knew the crash was coming, he knew he had to act

He said “We need a Circus, 5 Rings that will distract”

He said “Let’s straighten out the highways, build some Coliseum

Folks will fly from miles around just to come and see ‘em

Pave the Callahan Valley, clear the rabble off the streets

We’ll invite the Northern Hemisphere, and party for two weeks”

A Yellow ring for Royal Bank, One Red ring for Coke,

One ring for the Green wash, that’s all a bit of a joke

Two for misspent time and money, Black and Blue for all

But there’s no gold rings… for the kid with a ball

He knew from 1936 it would be good for the nation

And any other country, that could afford refrigeration

‘n as the people lined up, for piece of the apple pie

He stood on stolen land, & explained how televisions had rights

He said you’re really gonna love it, but we’ll need 12,000 cops

Only going to cost you 4,5,6 billion, tops

3 Pokemon for mascots, eagle’s the one in the middle

And he climbed upon an innukshuk, and took out his fiddle


But the people realized that there ain’t no correlation,

Between a giant corporation, and the fitness of a nation

We’re all for healthy living, we’re all for chasing dreams

But debt and spandex super heroes, aren’t what our kids need

Chorus (x2)

Verse: E /B /C#m /A B /E /B /C#m /A B / E / E…

Chorus: B /A E /B /A E /E /B /A …

Or in G…

Verse: G /D /Em /C D /G /D /Em /C D / G / G…

Chorus: D /C G /D /C G /G /D /C …



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