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the power of imagination

Posted on Aug 25, 2010 in News | 0 comments
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the power of image/the power of imagination

We all understand the difference, yet we do very little about it. “Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value” Ken Robinson said; and yes, as simple as this concept could be it’s still a very hard one to grasp, or – better – to regain to our own making.

BC Arts Council recent funding cuts and the invention of a “spectacular” BC Spirit Festival are bringing the creative community in great distress. I believe this is a very delicate time but also a very radical one.

There is more at stake than just a bunch of money. This is the biggest obstacle of all, as we are enslaved by the dominance of money and finding solutions outside that box seems to be a very hard task. Ultimately though, that is the very real issue of our entire world and existence. I’d like to discuss the possibility to activate a forum for discussion and research of creative solutions, ideas. We can take this momentum toward a positive response instead of working just “in opposition to”; and we can really try to connect and actively engage as many people as possible. People engaged in real creative work will suddenly discover the joy of a beautiful behavior, the one that is beautiful, not an object per se, but the art of making things beautiful. Remember the joy of learning to ride a bike? …rediscovering what creative energy is all about and draw the consequences…

A very logical process, not a dreamy entertaining gadget. I’m willing to work to make that happen.



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